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Badgerland Plumbing provides residential and commercial plumbing service to homes and businesses in Slinger, WI and the surrounding areas such as St. Lawrence, Allenton, Cedar Lake and Ackerville. Our master Slinger plumbers are willing to travel to provide surrounding communities with the best plumbing services around. Not only are we dedicated, all of our licensed plumbers are knowledgeable and professional when working on your project.

Slinger Residential Plumbing Services

Whether you need a whole kitchen or bathroom install or have a remodel project, our experts will ensure your plumbing project is handled professionally and in a timely manner. Our licensed plumbers provide Slinger homeowners with a great working experience and the knowledge you would expect for your plumbing project. At Badgerland Plumbing we specialize in residential services such as bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, drain cleaning, water heater repairs and replacements, water softener services, water filtration services and much more. Feel relaxed knowing that your plumbing project will be handled by our Slinger plumbers who have the experience, equipment and friendly service to tackle any plumbing project. We guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with our work.

Here are a few tasks we can complete for your residential plumbing project. If you need a residential plumber to come to your location, call us at (262) 623-7009.

  • Slinger Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing
  • Slinger Drain Cleaning
  • Slinger Water Heater Repair & Replacement
  • Slinger Water Softeners & Water Filtration

Slinger Commercial Plumbers

Look no further than Badgerland Plumbing to help assist you with your commercial plumbing project. Whether your business is located directly in Slinger, WI or the surrounding areas of Allenton, St. Lawrence, Cedar Lake or Ackerville, we can help! Badgerland Plumbing is among the most reliable Slinger plumbing companies in the area. Our master Slinger plumbers will work in any commercial property whether you own a tavern, office building, salon or any other business. Each of our Slinger commercial plumbers are licensed, professional and knowledgeable in the field. Badgerland Plumbing offers free estimates for every project and provides a wide variety of commercial plumbing services. Count on our master Slinger plumbers to complete your plumbing project in a professional and timely manner. Call us at (262) 623-7009 for a free estimate today!

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