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Iron Filters

If you have too much iron in your water you will notice reddish or brownish staining on your bathroom shower, sink or toilet. When the water is flowing from the tap it is clear, but when it touches the air it becomes oxidized, which causes the water residue to turn a red/brown color. This is a result of too much iron in your water system. Let Badgerland Plumbing make your drinking water more pure today by installing an iron filter.

Iron Filter Installation Benefits

  • Iron filters remove iron and other impurities in your drinking water.
  • Iron filters provide better tasting drinking water.
  • Iron filters reduce iron build up in your water softener.
  • Iron filters eliminate red/brown stains in your shower, sink, or toilet.
  • Iron filter increase the longevity of household appliances.

Here at Badgerland Plumbing, we install iron filters to improve the water quality in homes across the northern Milwaukee area. This water conditioning system provides healthier drinking water and can even increase the longevity of your water softener and other fixtures. Leave it to Badgerland Plumbing to safely install an iron filter to improve your home water quality and remove the red/brown coloration on your shower, toilet, sink or washer. Schedule a plumbing service for a water conditioning checkup with Badgerland Plumbing today.