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Water Softeners

The process of softening water involves an “ion exchange” which helps remove dissolved minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese that can’t be caught in a filter bed. The resin passes up the sodium in exchange for the dissolved minerals and the water is then cleaned of these impurities. With hard water you can spend too much money on laundry detergents and softening agents, constantly battling dry skin and dull, lifeless hair. Fortunately, there is a solution to your hard water problems! Capital Water Softener has been the head of high quality water softeners for over 75 years! Badgerland Plumbing will work with you to assess your water quality. We will then provide service or replacement and installation of a Capital Water Softener in your home!

Water Softener Installation Benefits

  • Water softeners help reduce soap residue on clothes and skin.
  • Water softeners can improve the quality and vibrancy of your hair, skin and clothing.
  • Water softeners can cut down on household cleaning time and expense.
  • Water softeners reduce soap scum and scaling.
  • Water softeners improve water flow and water heater life spans.
  • Water softeners help reduce water heating bills.

Here at Badgerland Plumbing, we can test your water to see how many impurities there are and install the appropriate water softener for your home. By installing a water softener you will see many improvements for your entire home plumbing system, along with your skin, hair, and body. Water softeners eliminate scum and scaling on your fixtures, washing machine, and shower. Additionally, having a water softener installed can increase the life span of your home water heater and improve your overall water flow system. Leave it to Badgerland Plumbing for all of your water softener needs. Schedule a water quality service today to eliminate your hard water.